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A little bit about our company:

Established in 1967, NHP Co. specialized in plastic processing. In 1999 the company started PET Preforms Production. In 2004 a new large investment was made to introduce latest technology in PET Preform production into Iraq. A new production line was purchased from Husky, the world number one in PET Processing machines, with a production capacity of approximately 6000 tons per year. In 2007 a second Husky system was added, doubling the company production capacity. The production line is equipped with latest technology and process control systems to assist a highly skilled team of operators in producing only the highest quality preforms.

Quality control:

Due to its use in direct contact with food and in food packaging, our company employs the most stringent quality control procedures;

  • Use highest quality resins, certified for compliance with FDA specification and regulations. Also having approvals from Pepsi Co., Coca Cola, Nestle…..
  • Continuous visual inspections with the help of polarized light to discover any possible mechanical failures, all tests are recorded on the company a database.
  • Random batches are taken several times daily for laboratory test, to monitor dimensional changes and record historical data to help in determining preventative maintenance schedules.
  • The production line is equipped with a very large network of sensors to measure all parameters have an effect on the production process. Sounding alarms to notify operators when any variable reaching allowed limits.
  • The company based it investment on the knowhow, experience and technology developed by the top companies involved in PET processing machinery.